Huangyan airport maintenance

Taizhou Luqiao Airport(also named Huangyan airport previous) is now under maintenance until October,at present,it stop service for all the flights.If you want to visit mold town of China,you could come by speed train or by bus.

Huangyan Airport is the only airport in Taizhou city,people could arrive Huangyan from Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen.Beijing and some other cities directly.After the Taizhou airport closed for some monthes,the customers who plan to visit Huangyan have to come by train or bus.For example,if the customer is in Guangzhou,you could arrive Shanghai or Wenzhou by plane first,and them come to Huangyan by speed train to Taizhou station.Usually,our drivers could pick you up from Taizhou station to Sino Mould.

Huangyan,Mold towm of China,has thousands of companies for plastic moulds,every year,many customers come to visit our city for business research.Sino Mould is located in Huangyan,Xinqian Street,we have customers from all over the world,for daily using moulds,packing moulds,industry using moulds,automotive moulds and pipe fitting moulds.We could offer you a fine solution if you have new plan to invest in injection molding industry.

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