Importance analysis of quality of auto parts

Regardless of the type of auto parts sales company, in order to make its own marketing accessories occupy the market, in addition to the necessary marketing strategies, enhanced services and low prices, *the main thing is to win by the best. The quality of auto parts is directly related to the interests of consumers. Only relying on high-quality and famous products to participate in the competition is a major magic weapon for companies to defeat their opponents. At present, auto parts sales companies generally only focus on assessing economic benefits, while ignoring social benefits; they only focus on retail sales. It does not pay attention to the quality inspection of accessories. The substandard products purchased and sold shall be returned and discarded. Not only does it cause unnecessary waste to auto parts marketing companies, but it also often brings users parking repairs or mechanical accidents. More importantly, it loses the company’s reputation among these users, which will cause the company’s sales business to shrink over time.

Do a good job in the quality inspection of auto parts, strictly control the sales quality, and make the quality of the parts purchased by users 100% qualified, which is the key to attracting users to do a good job in sales of parts. Strict inspection of parts is the most effective way to ensure the quality of parts. Now auto parts manufacturers have a complete quality assurance system, and the probability of unqualified products is generally very small. However, it was also found that the water channels of the pumps produced by some famous brand manufacturers were impassable; the cylinders sold had trachoma leaking; the crankshaft thrust pads of the factory engine assembly were installed reversely, which caused the crankshaft to move back and forth soon after use. For a certain user, if the purchase probability of unqualified products is 1%, the rejection rate is 10%. Therefore, enterprises must be invincible. Only by treating users as “God”, serving them wholeheartedly, strictly controlling the quality inspection, and delivering qualified and assured products to every user, can they truly do a good job in pre-sales, in-sales, and sales. After the sale of all-round services, the enterprise is truly attractive.

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