In summer, the car should clean the fuel filter in time

How can we drive the car better, and what should we pay attention to when using the car?

Choosing the right tires can reduce fuel consumption

The correct choice of tires can also reduce fuel consumption. Many models are now equipped with low-resistance tires. The tread pattern design, line design and material formula have been optimized to significantly reduce the rolling resistance of the vehicle during driving, thereby minimizing the waste of fuel consumption due to overcoming road resistance and making driving more efficient. Smooth, increase driving comfort.

Start smoothly, accelerate and save fuel

Try to avoid slamming the accelerator at the start of driving. The correct way is to accelerate smoothly. After reaching a certain speed, keep driving at a constant speed as much as possible.

When driving on a congested road, you must also see the road conditions ahead and avoid sudden braking. This not only saves fuel, but also prolongs the service life of the vehicle.

Use lubricating oil properly

In the hot summer, the viscosity of lubricating oil will decrease as the temperature rises and heat, which is easy to cause excessive consumption. If inappropriate oil is used and neglected to maintain it, it may cause fatal harm to the car engine. Only if you choose a regular manufacturer to produce and meet the relevant standards, the product that has been inspected by the technical supervision department is the correct choice, and the grade and model of the oil must be selected in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements.

The temperature is high in summer, and the evaporation of gasoline accelerates, which easily forms air resistance in the oil circuit. Therefore, remember to clean the fuel filter in time to ensure that the fuel path is unblocked.

The owner of the vehicle puts a damp cloth on the fuel pump while driving, and regularly sprays water to keep it moist and reduce the occurrence of air resistance. Once the fuel system has air resistance, stop and cool down immediately, and turn the hand oil pump to fill the oil circuit with fuel.

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