Injection mold structure and composition

Injection mold structure and composition
1, Molding parts
Give molding material shape, structure, size of the parts, usually by the core (punch), concave cavity model, and thread core, blocks, etc.
2, Gating system
It is molten plastic by injection machine nozzle to closed cavity, usually by the mainstream way, distributary channel, gate and the cold slug well.
3, guide parts
In order to guarantee the dynamic model and fixed model can accurate alignment when closed and guide arrangement of components, function orientation, positioning, it is composed of guide pin and guide bush, some mould on the ejection plate set up guide parts, reliable demoulding mechanism to ensure the smooth movement.
4, demoulding mechanism
Realize plastic parts and pouring system of demoulding device, its structure form a lot, the most commonly used have a plunger, pipe jacking, roof and pneumatic demoulding mechanism, such as general by the plunger, reset lever, slingshot, plunger, fixed plate, roof (top ring) guide pillar and the roof/guide sleeve, etc.
5, core-pulling mechanism
With side holes or side concave parts, before being ejector demoulding, must first carries on the side core-pulling or separate slider (lateral), in order to smooth demoulding.
6, mold temperature control system
In order to meet the requirements of injection molding process of mould temperature, need to have a mold temperature adjusting system (such as cooling water, hot water, hot oil, and electric heating system, etc.) for mold temperature adjusting device.
7, exhaust systems,
In order to smooth out the gas within the cavity, often open the exhaust slot in the mold parting surface, many mould push rod or other moving parts (such as: the slider) the clearance between the exhaust can also.
8 and other structural parts
Refers to satisfy the requirement of die structure on the set of components (such as: fixed plate, moving/template, hold head, supporting plate and connecting bolts, etc.)

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