Installation Process of Aluminum Roof

Concealed buckle upright seam aluminum alloy roofing system has only been widely used in recent years in China. Firstly, the aluminum alloy fixing seat is fixed to the purlin with screws, then the roof panel is fastened to the plum head of the fixing seat, and finally the electric locking The machine snaps the overlapping edges of the roof panels together. With this fixing method, no screws are exposed on the roof, and the entire roof is not only beautiful and clean, but also eliminates the hidden danger of water leakage caused by screw holes. Aluminum alloy plate has very strong anti-corrosion ability, especially in acid environment, its anti-corrosion performance is better than steel plate. In addition, the screws and accessories used in the concealed upright seam aluminum roofing system are supporting products, and the entire system has a good anti-corrosion ability.

The installation process is: put the line → place → undercut → trim the edge of the board.

1) The plane control of the pay-off roof panel is generally positioned by the fixed support below the roof panel. After the installation of the roof panel fixed support is qualified, it is only necessary to set a board-side positioning line. Generally, the distance from the edge of the plate to the drainage ditch is used as the control line. The length of the plate protruding from the edge of the ditch should be slightly larger than the design, which is convenient for trimming.

2) Raise the board to the installation position in place. Align the control line at the end of the board when in place, then press the overlap edge into the overlap edge of the previous board, and finally check whether the overlap edge is tightly connected.

3) After adjusting the position of the occluded roof panel, use a special electric edging machine to perform edging. The undercut is required to be continuous and flat, without distortion or cracks. During the bite crawling process of the undercut machine, it must be firmly clamped within 1mm in front of it to make the overlapping edges tight, which is also the key to the quality of the mechanical undercut. Roof panels in place that day must be undercut to prevent the panels from being blown or scraped by the wind.

4) After the trimming of the roof panel is completed, trim the edge of the panel to ensure that the edges of the roof panel are neat and beautiful. The length of the roof panel protruding into the gutter should be ≥80mm.

5) After the trimming process is finished, the end of the roof panel of the roof cornice is turned upside-down with a special clamp, and the angle is controlled at about 45 ° to ensure that the rainwater at the cornice is drained to the inside and not blocked. The head and the side of the flooding board penetrate into the room.

6) Installation points

①After completing the test before installation, install the roof panel.

② It adopts mechanical bite seam installation. After the roof slabs are laid, they should be engaged with an undercut machine as soon as possible to improve the integrity and bearing capacity of the panels.

③When the panel is laid, after the axis is aligned, manually align the panel with the support, and then place the undercut machine at the joints of the 3 panels, and support it with the two feet of the undercut machine to prevent overturning.

④ When installing the roof panel, two workers first walk along the ribs where the board is engaged with the board, and forcefully lock the seam of the board with the support under the board while walking. The latter person pulls the drawstring of the mouthpiece machine so that it follows the person and bites the roof panel tightly.

7) Retest after installation After the installation of the aluminum roof panel is completed, the performance of the installed metal roof panel is tested to ensure the waterproof and wind resistance performance of the metal roof panel.

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