Intelligent strategy for the operation of auto parts

Generally speaking, the price of products operated online is lower than that of traditional accessory stores. The quality of the accessories is the same. Who doesn’t want the low price to be the next best thing? From the perspective of the merchant, the implementation of networked operation can reduce the price. Sales expenses enhance market competitiveness.

Merchants can use the Internet to quickly collect market information, analyze market clearing, weave supply in time, minimize inventory, increase the circulation of Shaanxi capital, and * until the goal of reducing costs is finally achieved, there will always be auto parts sold by sellers. Some are selling well, while others are not selling well.

The expenses caused by the funds occupied by the sodium-stagnation part must be allocated to the car to be sold. With the Big Five Networks, sellers can avoid rabbits and quietly sell the same products in the market. The price of the same products is lower than others under the premise of the same profit. Their competitiveness is enhanced, and the number of customers who come to buy will gradually increase. Sodium growth has increased, and there is still no money to make. For manufacturers, the benefits of “networking” are also multifaceted.

Auto parts production, homes can get sales information from the market feedback from the sellers in time, and the film can analyze consumers’ buying intentions based on this, so as to produce auto parts that meet market demand as soon as possible. In addition, manufacturers can learn about the inventory of parts sellers in time to adjust the allocation plan of parts, thereby helping manufacturers to reduce the production of auto parts.

Therefore, it is natural for the auto parts business to be networked. Returning to reality, our existing foundation and conditions are still difficult to truly meet the requirements of developing networked operations. Because real-world networking requires capital and talents as the foundation, in addition to capital and talents, a complete distribution system and a secure payment system are needed to realize networked operations. As we all know, building a website first requires huge amounts of funds and high-quality talents.

Some people say that the money spent in the website operation process is “burning money.” The professional websites that have recently closed down are rarely due to poor management or management. Most of them are due to lack of sufficient funds. Compared with other industries, they have a lot of funds, ranging from a few million to tens of millions, but after all, the speed of making money is not as fast as the speed of ‘burning money’.

And nowadays, it’s not bad if the sales revenue of an accessory business can reach one million a year, let alone a tens of millions, who has the ability to build a website. In addition, since the Internet has only entered our country for a few years, There is still a shortage of network talents who truly understand both technology and business operations. Without the two necessary conditions of capital and talents, it is easy to talk about the realization of networked auto parts business. Some people would say that it is always possible for ordinary websites to cooperate with sales merchants and manufacturers to realize networkization.

But what we cannot ignore is that it is impossible to achieve a networked operation without a complete distribution system and secure payment methods. It is absolutely not cost-effective for each company to build this set of distribution system by itself. Therefore, it is foreseeable that with the acceleration of the networked process of auto parts circulation, it will definitely drive the development of this service field. However, how to use the existing distribution network or build a parts distribution system by yourself will be a key problem to be solved in the field of auto parts circulation in China.

Of course, there is one more thing to mention, our consumption concept can not meet the requirements of “networking”. Transactions in the United States and above are done through “electronic money.” Although all major banks in China have launched credit card consumption business, people are still accustomed to using cash for consumption because it is difficult to get rid of traditional consumption concepts for a while, and the utilization rate of “electronic money” is not as high as that of online shopping. .

To change this consumption concept and habit, it cannot be done by a single individual’s efforts or a government document. It needs to be gradually changed over time. Without the “electronics” of transactions, there can be no “networking” of operations. Based on the above analysis, it is not difficult for us to come to the conclusion that it is not advisable to blindly pursue the networkization of auto parts management based on the existing foundation and conditions. Otherwise, the low cost of “networking” will be changed to maintain the normal operation of the website. High cost.

It’s not a good time to realize the network of business. Although, in terms of the overall environment, it is still very difficult for China’s auto parts business to truly realize the network, but it does not mean that we must stay away from the Internet. Because networked operation of auto parts is the only way to reform the auto parts industry. “Networking” is a trend after all, and it is only a matter of time. So, how can we make the auto parts business that I pay closer to “networking”? We often talk about “starting from our country’s national conditions and taking the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics” to achieve “networking”. The same is true for China’s auto parts The development of online sales should suit the national conditions of the country and take the road of A-network management with Chinese characteristics.

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