Interchangeable cap mould maker

Sino Mould is world famous interchangeable cap mould maker in China. Recently, Sino Mould has successfully tested a 16 cavity interchangeable cap mould. This interchangeable cap mould is for producing the caps of cans. Customer has 4 different sizes of caps, from 65mm to 88mm, and he want to produce all the 4 caps in one mould. Below are cap mould photoes for your reference.

This is not our first interchangeable cap mould, we have made so many similar moulds. So our technical is very mature, we can delivery the mould in short time, we guarantee a fast cycle time, stable , good life time mould. If you have interchangeable cap mould project, please don’t hesitate to contact Sino Mould, we will give you a most cost-effective solution!

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