Introduction of five-axis cnc machining center

Five-axis cnc machining AC rotary axis working range
In general, the axis around which the X-axis is rotated around the five-axis cnc is defined as the A-axis. The working range of the A-axis is +30 degrees to -120 degrees. The five-axis cnc machining table has a rotary axis. This rotary axis rotates around the Z axis. We define it as the C rotation axis. The C rotation axis has a working range of 360 degrees. The five-axis cnc machining of the combination of the A rotating shaft and the C rotating shaft allows the workpiece to be machined at a time other than the mounting surface. The A-rotation axis and the C-rotation axis generally have a minimum division value of 0.001 degrees, so that it is possible to process a complicated process such as processing an inclined surface or a slanting hole, except for the other faces of the mounting surface. It can be realized that the A-axis and the C-axis and the XYZ-line three-axis are processed in five axes, so that complex curved workpieces can be processed. Of course, a good CNC system, servo motor system and software support are required.

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