Leading Various Plastic Container Mould Manufacturer in China—Pastic Mould


We are leading plastic mould manufacturer in China. We offer worldwide customers plastic container mould.
We have offered over 200 sets of various plastic container moulds in recent 2 years, such as food container, large collection container, etc.
Most plastic containers are made of PP and are transparent or half transparent.
We use 2738 steel for these containers to have good polishing and have good glossiness product.
The most important technical point for the food containers is fitting between lid, container and handle. That needs precise tooling machine and skilled operation.
For large collection containers, we make it 1 cavity. For small food containers, we make it 4 cavities.
We have a strong product design team and mould design team. The mould are designed with good cooling system , suitable injection gate and ejection way. It has short cycle time, stable operation and long mould life.
If you have plastic container project, welcome to send us inquiry.

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