Li Wenguang, Commissioner of Binzhou Customs and his party came to Weiqiao Venture Group for investigation

On August 8, Li Wenguang, chief of Binzhou Customs and secretary of the party committee, came to Weiqiao Venture Group for investigation.Hu Yunjiang, Shang Xianwen and other leaders of Zouping City and responsible comrades of Zouping Economic Development Zone accompanied the investigation.

Zhang Hongxia, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the group, accompanied Li Wenguang and his entourage to investigate the third branch of Weiqiao Textile Green and Intelligent, Weiqiao Lightweight Base and Enterprise Pavilion.

The Weiqiao Textile Green Intelligent Integration Project adopts the most advanced equipment in the world today, and is equipped with a 5G-supported big data platform and management skills, which can realize “full-process automation of production”, “intelligent control system”, and “informatization of online inspection”.Li Wenguang and his entourage learned the real-time operation data of the equipment in the control center, and walked into the workshop to watch the entire automated and intelligent production process from raw cotton, yarn storage to weaving.

The Weiqiao Lightweight Base is the most advanced and full-process lightweight R&D, testing, and manufacturing base built by the group company.Li Wenguang and his entourage listened to the introduction of the project’s technical research and development, equipment, product performance, market prospects, etc. in the lightweight exhibition hall, watched the product display of lightweight structural parts, and watched the welding of the whole body assembly project. Assembly workshop.

In the corporate pavilion, Li Wenguang and his entourage learned about our group’s development history, corporate party building, corporate culture, technical achievements and main products of the textile, aluminum and electricity sectors through multimedia, pictures, videos, physical exhibits, etc.

Through investigations, Li Wenguang and his entourage fully affirmed our group’s in-depth implementation of the new development concept, focus on industrial transformation and upgrading, continuously increasing investment in scientific research and innovation, accelerating the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the textile and aluminum industry, and promoting the enterprise to achieve higher-quality development.

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