Lubricants of different brands of the same level cannot be mixed

The reporter learned in recent interviews that many car owners choose different oil brands when maintaining their cars. They believe that the type and grade of oil are the same, and mixing two different brands of oil will not cause damage to the vehicle. In this regard, Mr. Ma, who has been engaged in car repairs in the capital for many years, told reporters that such an approach is wrong and will affect the car in the long run.

Mr. Ma said that although the types and viscosity levels of the two different brands of engine oil are the same, the chemical composition of the lubricating oil produced by different manufacturers will be somewhat different. A chemical reaction may occur, which may cause damage to the engine. Therefore, when replacing the lubricating oil, you should completely drain the old lubricating oil in the engine, and then refill the new lubricating oil.

He said that the same brand of engine oil can be mixed. If you use the same brand and the same level of oil, it is a good choice for your car. He advises the majority of car owners not to frequently change lubricant brands, let alone mix different grades and different brands of oil, which plays a vital role in prolonging the life of the engine and keeping the engine in good condition.

In addition, he also suggested that car owners develop the habit of checking the oil every week. For some cars that have been used for two or three years, it is best to check the level of lubricating oil and antifreeze every week, and prepare some oil and antifreeze of the same brand and model on the car to deal with emergencies .

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