Lubricating oil hydrogenation unit adds antioxidants to solve color stability


Refined after hydrogenation The color of the hydrocracked base oil is easily darkened when exposed to sunlight, and precipitates are produced. To stabilize these base oils, clay refining, solvent refining, or refining after hydrogenation are often used to produce hydrocracking. In the process of lubricating base oil, the base oil is often dewaxed with solvent or catalytically and then refining after hydrogenation is used to stabilize the hydrogenated base oil. The purpose of refining after hydrogenation is to saturate aromatic hydrocarbons and improve the chroma, color stability and oxidation stability of the base oil. * Minimize secondary cracking.

In order to reduce investment, the refining reactor and the isomerization dewaxing reactor after hydrogenation are connected in series in the same high-pressure circulating hydrogen system. The total aromatic hydrocarbon content in the lubricating oil often affects the oxidation stability of the base oil. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon content in the base oil affects the color. Generally, 13-ring aromatic hydrocarbons affect the oxidation stability.

Containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons containing sulfur and nitrogen affect chromaticity and color stability. Partially hydrogenated saturated fused ring aromatics, namely cycloalkane aromatics, have an effect on oxidation stability and color. In addition to the post-refining of hydrocracked base oil, post-hydrogenation refining is also commonly used in the production of special oils such as white oil, mineral seal oil and hydraulic oil from solvent extraction or hydrocracking from low-quality feedstocks. Refined technology. Chevron’s use of precious metal catalysts can reduce the reaction pressure and reduce investment. In some foreign lubricating oil hydrogenation devices, antioxidants are often added to the product outlet in order to solve the color stability.

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