Maintenance of safety components in three major conditions

Some key parts of the car are the places that car owners should pay attention to frequently.
When car owners usually maintain their cars, they pay special attention to the surface and interior of the car. After all, they are places that they often see. However, some key parts of the car take a long time to replace once or not often, so These parts that are not usually paid too much attention will be ignored. In fact, these parts are the places that car owners should pay attention to.
Regularly check the brake fluid height
Situation: If the amount of brake fluid is insufficient, air will enter, and the brake will become insensitive. Therefore, it is best to check the brake fluid level regularly every month, pay attention to whether the brake fluid level has significantly decreased, whether the quality has deteriorated, and if it is, it should be added or replaced in time.
Solution: The storage tank of the brake fluid is made of translucent resin. If the tank is dirty, just wipe it with a cloth for a simple visual inspection.The brake fluid should reach the baseline of the storage tank. If the brake fluid is significantly reduced from the previous inspection, the possibility of failure is high, and fluid leakage may occur.At the same time, manual transmission vehicles are equipped with a clutch, which also needs to pay attention to its fluid volume. If the fluid volume decreases and air enters, it will not be able to effectively brake.
Check the brake fluid every 10,000 kilometers
Condition: Brake shoes and brake discs have a service life, and must be replaced when they are worn to a certain degree. Generally, in urban driving, the life of the brake disc is about 50,000 kilometers, and the life of the brake shoe is about 30,000 kilometers, but the specific situation depends on the operation of the owner.
Solution: The brake shoe should be checked every 10,000 kilometers. The brake fluid should generally be replaced every 50,000 kilometers. If driving in a humid area for a long time, the oil change interval should be appropriately shortened.
Check the abnormal situation carefully
Situation: When the vehicle is dragging the bottom, it is very likely to hit the brake fluid pipe; when braking, the car is obviously running to the left or right; the brake pedal is depressed to the end, but the braking effect is not obvious, and the brake is continuously depressed There is no improvement in the pedal effect.
Solution: After the vehicle drags the bottom, step on the brakes, get out of the vehicle and check whether the oil pipe is deformed or leaking; the deviation of the vehicle is caused by the asynchronous front wheel brake, and it is very easy to cause accidents due to braking left, especially When driving at high speed, you must go to the repair shop for brake adjustment immediately; the weak braking effect may be due to the gas mixed in the brake system, which needs to be repaired at a professional repair station; if the pedal is too soft, the stroke If it is too long, you should also pay attention to the maintenance point for inspection.
In addition, after long-distance driving, the brake system should be carefully inspected to check whether the brake pipeline is bumped, damaged or leaked, because when the vehicle is driving at high speed, splashed stones hit the brake fluid pipe of the chassis. It will cause brake fluid leakage or brake failure. For example, the brake fluid pipe will be flattened and it will also cause the brake failure of a single wheel.

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