Market Potential For Sheet Metal Processing

Large sheet metal processing in the "Eleven-Five" period and for some time to come, China will remain rapid economic development, this huge market opportunities for sheet metal processing industry. Especially in the industry's growth and upgrade features with automated, large-scale, to control basic elements – increasing demand for sheet metal processing, its technical performance, quality, kind has put forward higher requirements.
The future, sheet metal processing industry's potential market is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
First, the further expansion of the sheet metal processing industry, Foundation of the economy growing. As a basis for providing technical equipment for national economic development and national defense construction, pillar and strategic industries, sheet metal processing industry has become one of the largest industry in our country. According to statistics, in 2007 China's equipment manufacturing industry output value surpassed 7 trillion yuan in 2006, almost 32%, 5 years in a row with a speed more than 20% of the sustained and rapid development of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size to achieve a profit of 388.666 billion yuan, an increase of 47.79%.
Secondly, the further increase in investment in research and development of sheet metal processing, ability to innovate and continuously improve. For some time in the future, enhance independent innovation capacity, a number of major projects to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry will continue to promote, guide enterprises and other social aspects to increase their investment in research and development of the equipment manufacturing industry and upgrading of equipment manufacturing enterprises ' innovation capability is of great significance. Report predicts that the equipment manufacturing enterprises in China within the next 5 years proportion of investment in research and development to sales revenues will be changed from about 1.4% to about 2%.
Third, the total amount of independent intellectual property rights innovation increases further, core competencies and constantly improve. Nine key areas of China's equipment manufacturing industry (power generation equipment, petrochemical equipment, metallurgical equipment, machine tools, instrumentation, coal mining machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, environmental protection equipment) home units or individuals, and applied for patents in China showing a growth trend. Report predicts that the nine key areas of equipment manufacturing industry within the next 5 years the domestic unit or individual invention patents in China total, invention patent applications filed and the utility model patent growth rate will reach more than 30% of total; was awarded the international famous brand of China's equipment manufacturing industry will further increase in the number, with an average annual growth rate will reach more than 30%.
Finally, major national projects to implement further, a large number of major technology and equipment continue to achieve independence. Report forecast, future 5 years within, relies on national major engineering, in energy, and material, and mechanical manufacturing, field, speed up development development big capacity high head hydropower unit, and kW pressure water heap nuclear power key equipment, and large oil gas long lost pipeline sets equipment, and large coal mine integrated mining and the washing sets equipment, and million tons level large vinyl equipment, and large coal chemical equipment, and large broadband sheet and the generous plate production key equipment, and new ship and marine oil engineering equipment,, A large number of major technology and equipment will be gradually achieved independence.Previous: Lemo’s Spring Festival TimeNext: Sheet Metal Processing Industry Market Analysis

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