Mask machine KN95 welding case die processing case (2)

3 Application of processing strategies
First, the system automatically creates a rotary blank (turning blank), as shown in the following figure.

You can also make radial and Z-direction allowances when creating a revolving blank.The blank is used to simulate the actual machining of the program. All programs including the winding program are simulated with reference to this blank.(1) Rough machining program:
Three-axis programming and then use Wrap to generate a 4-axis tool path: the roughing path is as follows (the depth of the part is 2mm, the program is a layer of path, and the bottom is directly processed in place)

The following figure is a partial enlarged view of the path: you can see that the tool is trochoidally cut, and the path is connected by a circular arc. The processing is efficient and safe, and can reduce the loss of the tool and the machine tool.

Rough machining can also use the special high-efficiency machining module of the software to generate a fully arc-connected, uniformly loaded tool path, which is suitable for machining larger-sized parts.

The above rough machining program uses a good function of the software, which is to leave different margins for different areas of the surface. A program can set up to 6 groups of different margins. In this case, only the critical part of the knife edge is left 0.4 The bottom surface is a non-working surface, and it can be processed directly in place without the remaining amount, while the remaining amount of the boss is 0.2.

If the machining trajectory of a 4-axis machine rotating around the x-axis is parallel to the X-axis, the machining efficiency will be faster.

(2) Automatic cleaning procedure for corner residues:
The automatic angle-clearing function in the 3-axis machining strategy is adopted, which is converted into a 4-axis tool path through the software Wrap function. The figure on the right below is a partially enlarged 4-axis path.

The angle-clearing program is completely based on the calculation of the remaining blank. Through a special residual material milling process, the remaining material of the previous roughing program is automatically removed using a small tool
The system has an accurate blank recognition capability. Even if a small tool is used for cutting, as long as it is within the range of the cutting parameters required by the tool, the tool will not be broken.(3) Boss machining program:
Because the unfolded view of the side wall of the small boss is straight, the 2.5-axis contour milling finishing strategy is used. Through the software Wrap function, the path is automatically wound into a 4-axis tool path. The following figure is the 2.5-axis contour milling tool path, using a circular arc Advance and retreat.

The characteristics of this program: when programming to select machining contours, many contours (hundreds) can be selected at a time, and the programming efficiency is high.

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