Mijia electric dental irrigator, take care of your oral health

In this article, the editor will introduce to you a smart electric product that will go on sale tomorrow – Mijia Electric Dental Implant” target=”_blank” > Mijia Electric Dental Implant. What is its specific situation? ? Let’s take a look together.

The Mijia electric dental irrigator is equipped with 4 professional nozzles for daily, orthodontic, tongue coating cleaning, and periodontal pockets, which can meet different oral cleaning needs.

According to the previously announced information, the Mijia electric tooth irrigator adopts the integrated design of the nozzle and the water tank, and the water tank capacity is 200ml, so there is no need to change the water frequently.

It is understood that the Mijia electric dental irrigator is equipped with a new type of carbon brush smart permanent magnet motor, 0.6mm standard nozzle diameter, and water pressure as high as 140PSI, which can generate 1400 times/min of high-frequency pulsed water column, which penetrates deep into the gap between teeth and blind spots in the oral cavity and quickly washes away. Food residue, care for gums.

The irrigator supports four different modes: strong mode, standard mode, sensitive mode and pulse mode to meet different cleaning needs, and comes with a memory function.

The Mijia electric tooth irrigator adopts a unique voltage stabilization system, which can control the stable output of water pressure, so that the tooth irrigator can output a strong and powerful pulsed water flow under low power.

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