Mould Arrangement procedure

China MOULD have itself project arrangement, we guarantee mould quality and delivery time, keep on satisfying your requirement. Let me introduce our company project management process to you:
1:2D drawing design: Get your confirmation
2:Mould 3D drawing design with mould flow result: Get your confirmation
3:Prepare steel material
4:Rough tooling, CNC milling
5:High speed milling precision tooling
6:Mould assembling
7:T0 test, samples will be sent to you with our measurement report;
8:Do some modification according to your requirement;
9:T1 test, sample measurement compared with your requirement;
10:Mould coordinate inspect, send you inspect report;
11:Ready for shipment;
Before mould tooling, we will send you a mould tooling progress schedule, our project engineer control every process of the mould tooling, guarantee the mould quality and delivery time.
Every 1 or 2 weeks of the tooling time we will send you process pictures for you to check the mould process.
For more information pls kindly contact with me.

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