Multi-cavity hot runner molds

Sino Mould is multi-cavity hot runner molds maker, supply Multi-cavity hot runner molds for 20 years, is a qualified multi-cavity hot runner molds supplier in China. If you want to order a multi-cavity hot runner molds, please contact Sino Mould.
Many customers will inquiry multi-cavity hot runner molds when they contact us, why the mold buyers prefer to multi-cavity hot runner molds? Below is the answer.
1. Multi-cavity hot runner molds save raw material,
2. When using Multi-cavity hot runner molds, plastic gate is small and beautiful, and keep the plastic products’ surface nice.
3. Multi-cavity hot runner molds don’t need cut the gate of the plastic products by hands, saving labor cost.
4. Multi-cavity hot runner molds is better for plastics flowing.
But some customers still care more about the multi-cavity hot runner molds cost. As a professional injection molds maker, we know which kinds of molds are suitable to use multi-cavity hot runner molds, which kinds of molds can use both cool runner molds and hot runner molds, which kinds of molds we don’t suggest to use multi-cavity hot runner molds, like the PVC pipe fittings molds. We will find a solution for you and suggest the suitable one as your requirements.
Professional multi-cavity hot runner molds China maker-Sino Mould, can offer you a tailored solution to you, anyone feel interested in multi-cavity hot runner molds, Sino Mould would like to be your cooperative partner in China.


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