New GlideStop High Impact Accessory

J.A. DAWLEY Mfg. Co.’s new High Impact accessory expands the GlideStop manual stop systems scope of applications to better provide precision measuring to all ranges of wood, plastic and metal production machinery

The High Impact now enables the GlideStop to withstand continuous impacts of greater mass while maintaining precision, versatility and accuracy.

As an accessory to the GlideStop stop system, the High Impact accessory can be added to both new and existing GlideStop systems.

The High Impact accessory includes a heavy duty dual spring design with rugged all steel components.

Accurate measuring, speed and repeatability are assured with the High Impact accessory even under high production conditions.

As an accessory to the GlideStop cut-off stop system, the High Impact continues the tradition of versatility and precision only the GlideStop System can provide.

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