New TM25 Thread Mill System from Kennametal Offers Faster Cycle Times, Longer Cuts

With the new TM25 Thread Mill System from Kennametal, one tool suffices for both left- and right-handed threading applications, and it contains more inserts per diameter for higher feed rates. The results are faster cycle times and more-consistent performance in demanding thread-milling applications.

Constructed with a steel body and carbide inserts, the TM25 Thread Mills feature longer-edge inserts and have two cutting edges per insert for better economy on the parallel thread forms.

"We have a longer length of cut than traditional tools," says Nick Gaten, Kennametal’s Global Manager for Milling. "What that does is allow for fewer passes and faster cycle times. It’s quite a bit more efficient."

While suitable for internal and external threading on most workpiece materials, the TM25 Thread Mills are designed for use in general engineering, automotive, aerospace and MTI applications.

The TM25 Thread Mill system is supported by Kennametal’s exclusive software for grade, speed, and feed selection. It also generates a CNC program.

It is available for parallel and tapered threadmilling applications in pitches from 1-2 mm ISO Unified, 11-10 Whitworth, 11.5-14 NPT and 11-14 BSPT.

Kennametal Inc. is a world leader in the development, manufacture, application, and supply of high-quality metalcutting tools and services. It is the world’s leading tooling supplier to the mining, metal cutting, forestry, and road-construction industries, and offers the most complete array of milling, turning, and holemaking products to manufacturers. For more information, visit

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