Nokia will join hands with China Telecom to build a smart life scene in the 5G dual-gigabit era

5G empowers the future! The 11th “E-Surfing Intelligent Ecological Expo” recently ended at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. This year, Nokia Bell brought a full series of dual-gigabit products of “True 5G·True MESH·True Intelligence” to the Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo, which not only showed the smart life scene of the 5G dual-gigabit era jointly built with China Telecom, but also cooperated with China Telecom. Xinghai IoT and other partners have joined hands to build a building + IoT, creating a wonderful smart home experience. This will also further help 5G really come to life.

“Double Arrows”, Lighting up 5G Dual Gigabit Smart Life with Black Technology

In recent years, smart home has moved from concept to practical application. With the in-depth construction of Gigabit ultra-broadband networks, the deployment of high-bandwidth video services has become an important measure to seize the future smart home market.

The Strategy Analytics research report shows that nearly 5 billion home WiFi devices are currently in use worldwide, driven by the success of WiFi technology. A new wave of WiFi smart home devices will drive the number of relevant home devices worldwide to 17 billion by 2023, cementing the wireless home as one of the major technology trends of the early 2000s.

With mature “true 5G” end-to-end solutions, Nokia Bell has received wide acclaim and recognition in different industries. “As a mainstream supplier of optical access, Nokia Bell provides a full range of products. However, with the upgrade of consumption and the increase of intelligent applications, fiber-to-the-home alone is not enough.” Shanghai Nokia Bell Executive Vice President, Fixed Network Wu Zhongsheng, general manager of the business group, said, “In addition to providing FTTH, we have introduced optical fiber capabilities to the home, and WiFi is one of the important carriers; in addition, we have launched 5G CPE to introduce 5G network capabilities into the home, Better serve smart homes.”

This time, Nokia Bell showcased 5G CPE and 10G PON ONU integrating 5G and high-speed Wi-Fi access, and equipped with Nokia Wi-Fi family series products that support true Mesh technology (including Nokia WiFi Beacon 1, Nokia WiFi Beacon 3), Through the perfect integration of 5G+WiFi MESH technology, ultra-stable, high-security, ultra-high-speed gigabit wireless can be delivered to homes/small offices/enterprises, efficiently covering every corner of the above-mentioned places, realizing optical fiber and 5G thousand Gigabit connection and transmission, providing a full range of access solutions for smart life in the 5G dual-gigabit era.


Nokia will join hands with China Telecom to build a smart life scene in the 5G dual-gigabit era

“True 5G, true MESH, and true intelligence are the advantages of our products launched this time.” Wu Zhongsheng emphasized, “Although there are many similar products in the industry, Nokia WiFi is the best in terms of anti-interference and wireless MESH. strong.”

According to Wu Zhongsheng, the Nokia Beacon series WiFi products have won the 2018 German IF Design Award, the 2019 German Red Dot Design Award and the 2018 Asia Telecom Wireless Home Technology Reader’s Choice and Innovation Award. In addition to having a stylish appearance, the Nokia Beacon series WiFi products are also equipped with a number of smart “black technologies”.

The first is to experience seamless roaming and say goodbye to stuttering with intelligent routing: from living room to bedroom, from downstairs to upstairs, Nokia WiFi Beacon series distributed wireless routers that fully support Gigabit Ethernet ports and Gigabit bandwidth allow you no matter where you are. Enjoy a high-speed, stable and reliable seamless roaming WiFi experience.

The second is to realize the real MESH networking: the real MESH networking is not the traditional star or tree networking, so that 1+1+1>3: any two devices can be connected, there is no master-slave distinction; no need to manually Switching, networking and expansion are easily accomplished.

The third is to use the 1024QAM enhancement algorithm in WiFi6 technology to increase the WiFi speed. The latest model can reach the 10 Gigabit speed level.

Fourth, the innovative built-in dedicated interference detection antenna can monitor the interference of surrounding WiFi and non-WiFi devices around the clock; AI-assisted channel selection can select the optimal frequency band channel for you in real time; based on Nokia’s proprietary machine learning algorithm, it has self-learning ability, reflecting Best results for self-memory and self-optimization.

At the same time, Wu Zhongsheng added: “The installation of Nokia WiFi family products is very simple and easy to use. Users only need to scan a QR code to install easily. When the product indicator turns green, it means that the MESH network has been established. All right.”

“The most important thing after dual gigabit home access is the user experience. Only WiFi capability is not enough, but more importantly, it has a strong network bandwidth. Nokia WiFi MESH technology ensures that users can achieve seamless roaming when using at home, and at the same time With anti-interference monitoring technology, user services can always run on the cleanest channel, and from these two aspects, it is always the fastest, most concise, and most effective to ensure user network applications.”

Bringing together the industry chain to help 5G truly come to life

With the issuance of 5G licenses, a new wave of 5G applications will be launched one after another, which will strongly drive the development of my country’s digital economy and information consumption. Nokia Bell has been working with operators to help 5G really come to life.

“Nokia Bell has always been one of China Telecom’s most important strategic partners. Our cooperation is end-to-end cooperation, not only on the main equipment of 5G and optical networks, but also on terminal products. ” said Fang Jun, Vice President of Shanghai Nokia Bell, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Division.

Fang Jun revealed, “Nokia Bell has now become a partner of China Telecom Tianyi. In the first half of this year, Nokia WiFi Beacon 3 has been officially put into the warehouse of Tianyi Company and officially launched for sale, and the follow-up Beacon1 products and 5G CPE products have also been officially listed through Tianyi Company. , to achieve online and offline sales, which is also a major channel for our cooperation.”

On the left is Fang Jun, Vice President of Shanghai Nokia Bell, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Division

On the right is Wu Zhongsheng, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Nokia Bell and General Manager of Fixed Network Business Group

In Wu Zhongsheng’s view, “The 5G era is the era of things and things communication, which will bring earth-shaking changes, change our lives, and change our society. For Nokia Bell, the application of 5G is far more versatile than 5G. More importantly, 5G applications can demonstrate the capabilities of 5G.”

“In addition to the home, 5G networks also have many applications in the park. After the combination of 5G CPE and WiFi MESH technology, there can also be more applications in the cloud.” Wu Zhongsheng further pointed out, “5G is actually more useful for the park. There are many, many applications, such as property cameras. Under the 5G network, through the 5G module, you can smoothly watch videos and face recognition in the camera. 5G has indeed changed our entire life. In all aspects, through our application solutions, we have created end-to-end applications with our partners, from the cloud to the access to 5G.”

This time, Nokia Bell also joined hands with Xinghai IoT, a subsidiary of China Overseas Property Group, to present a fresh and interesting smart home life scene. The home and office environments built on the booth all cover Nokia Bell’s dual-gigabit wireless network, combined with the smart home items developed by Xinghai IoT: AI smart speakers, air quality detectors, smart cameras, quantum lights, Super Bowl , the audience can experience a number of smart home life applications that are perfectly combined with 5G+ technology.

With its deep understanding and rich experience in the telecommunications industry, Nokia Bell actively deploys “building + Internet of Things”. In addition to smart home life, it will also deploy advanced products, technologies and solutions in smart cities, smart communities, and smart homes. , smart hospitals, smart construction sites and other application scenarios, to better support data applications and background cloud applications, cloud management, and truly let wisdom promote social development.

It is understood that in terms of the implementation of 5G-enabled applications, Bell Labs has conducted in-depth research on more than 160 industry application cases around the world and divided them into eight categories, focusing on eMBB applications, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent transportation, Internet of vehicles and digitalization There are more than 100 cases in more than 40 countries around the world. It has also carried out some explorations in China, and currently covers eight major industries, including education, medical care, smart city, smart medical care and other fields, and has also created more than 40 industry cases with partners.

The success of 5G must be the success of the application. This success not only means that the technology can meet the needs, but also has a business model that can be implemented. In the future, Nokia Bell will work with operators and other partners to promote the continuous implementation of 5G applications and help 5G truly come to life.

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