Operating instructions and safe operation of Dongguan oil press

Operating instructions of Dongguan oil press

  • 1. The workers who operate the Hydraulic Press shall have the ability to understand the performance and safe operation of the hydraulic press, and can operate the hydraulic press. It is strictly prohibited for those who do not understand to start the hydraulic press.
  • 2. Before operating the hydraulic press, first confirm whether the oil pressure operates normally. Blind operation of the hydraulic press is strictly prohibited.
  • 3. Before starting the oil press, check the following protective devices: for example, whether the safety protection light curtain operates normally, whether each travel switch contacts the machine, and whether the screws are loose.
  • 4. Remove the sundries on the worktable and die of the hydraulic press, adjust the stroke of the slider, run the press empty for one to two minutes, and work only when everything is normal.
  • 5. The circuit in the oil pressure electromechanical box shall not be operated by irregular personnel.

Maintenance of hydraulic press

  • 1. After the work is completed, clean the oil press and remove the sundries on the surface of the oil press. And lubrication of all parts of the oil press.
  • 2. Every time the hydraulic press works for about a year, it is necessary to identify the hydraulic oil quality of the hydraulic press to see whether the hydraulic oil is black, etc. if the hydraulic oil quality in the hydraulic press is not good, replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic press. The new hydraulic oil should be added to 3 / 4 of the hydraulic oil tank. Do not add too much. Too much hydraulic oil will fill the oil tank.
  • 3. The filter screen in the oil tank shall be cleaned regularly to prevent sundries from blocking.
  • 4. Regularly check whether the screws of all parts of the oil press are loose and whether the accessories operate normally without noise.
  • 5. It is strictly prohibited for non operators to operate the equipment of the oil press. People must leave the machine and stop at ordinary times.

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