Operation of Plastic Mold-2

Confirmation of the oil hose and limit switch connection

1.Check the oil hose for the possible leakage.
2.Check the opening and closing of the mold for unusual sounds.
3.Check the limit switch installing and  wires.
4.Confirm when mold ejection plate normally move, the limit switch completely response.

Injection molding

1.Before  the injection molding begins, the mold should be heated up firstly.
The security door should be shut off. After the security door is closed, the operator shouldn’t  go into the inside of the injection machine.
2.the mold shouldn’t be fully filled at the first shot, and it should be operated like this way 3-4 times before the final full filling.
3.Do not apply the the inappropriate clamping force (below the minimum requirement)
4.Do not apply the the inappropriate injection pressure (below the minimum requirement). Be cautious of excessive filling.

The handling of excessive filling

1.Overfilling Plastic  or plastic inside slider’ slot need to be completely removed immediately. Overfilling plastic should be removed completely when space of the slider center, spring, the head of the screw and bushing are filled with them.
2.After the plastics scrape is removed, the check for the normal operation should be done. The next injection molding cycle should never be done until they are cleaned completely.
3.The tools removing the  overfilling  and plastics sticked should be prohibited from the harder metal ones, like crowbar, wrench, hammer, screwdriver.The tools contacting directly with surface  of the cavity and core should be made of  copper, aluminum.

Regrind material:

Each shift should check the hopper magnet for little metal scrapes  to avoid possible damage to the barrel screw and hot runner.

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August 17, 2020 plastic mold

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