Plastic household mould

Plastic household mould


Are you looking for plastic household mould! Here is local household mould supplier in china. Our mould with good service, short delivery time,top quality ,short cycle time these advantage.
Plastic household mould divided in many kinds. Chair,table,stool and so on.According to customer’s requirement,we will design a good solution to our customer. Whatever the customer need, we will satisfied.
Our mould specification, take a chair mould for example.
Annually manufacturing over then 80 sets of chair moulds. Interchangeable inserts block for different chair backrest versions. Backrest inserts can be easily changed on the machine, we are also familiar with PC transparent chair with gas injection, various monoblock chair moulds with armrest or without.


    • Chair Mould Name : Arm Chair Mould
             Chair Mould Size: 1200*900*700
             Product description: Interchangeable insert block for different versions of chair backrest and Seat, the




    • backrest and armrest area interchanged when the chair mould on the machine.
             Chair Mould cavity: 1 cavity
             Chair Mould Size: 1350x860x800mm
             Suitable machine: 750T Dakumar machine
             Chair Mould material: P20
             Chair Mould life: 800K
             Runner system: 1 point ANOLE hot runner direct cone gate
             Ejection system: ejector pin
             Chair Mould running: Full automaticity
             Chair Mould features: Simple structure mould . Optimal cooling system, Good polishing, Precision air venting, Interchangeable back design inserts
             Injection cycle time : 45 seconds
             Chair Mould normally delivery time : 70 days 

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