Plastic mould|interchangeable insert chair mould-Pastic mould

The products on the market are becoming more and more colorful. In order to meet the customers’ requirement and reduce the chair manufacturers’ invest, Sino, as a famous chair mould maker, has studied to offer interchangeable insert chair mould for customers.


On the one mould, we can change the back and seat mould insert of the chair, then we can get the chairs with different figures. Sino has done many chair moulds with four inserts, by changing mould inserts can get four different kinds of chairs. All of the chairs looks beautiful without any flaw, comparing with the chair made without inserts, you can hardly find the difference between them.


But to a new plastic chair manufacturer, if you factory do not have a professional operator to change the mould, it may do harm to the mould and shorten the mould life, but to a professional one, changing insert is a very easy and it will bring any bad effect to the mould.


If you are interested in the inchangable insert chair mould, or have any related project, please feel free to connect us.


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