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Stack mold has the two (or more) mold parting surfaces or mold split lines, we also can call it hamburger mould. Stacking mould’s productivity is applied in foldable crate, some plastic frame need big machine but very small moulding weight, CD, DVD, cup, spoon, knife and fork… disposable receptacle moulds. Sino mould is a one of the famous stack mould manufacturer located in southeast of China.


Stack mould has many advantages. Firstly, it has double output, instead of increasing the mold size by adding more cavities, stack mold maintains mold size and machine size by adding a second layer of cavities parallel to the first layer. Secondly, stack mould can reduce some price,it requires only about half the clamp tonnage than a single-face mold with the same number of cavities. Thirdly, it is more efficiency, stack moulds can produce multi-component assemblies in one shot and in one machine using the same parameters. By comparison, single-face molds would require the production synchronization between multiple machines, complicating post-molding operations.


If you have the stack mould want to make, welcome your inquiry. Also, China MOULD will keep on researching the stack mould design and manufacture, so that can offer the customers the better quality and the service.


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