Plastic refrigerator mould manufacturer

Sino Mould is a professional plastic refrigerator mould manufacturer in China.We have been offered plastic refrigerator mould service to world famous refrigerator company,for example,  SIEMENS in Germany,Fagor in Spain and so on.

Regarding refrigerator mould, We suggest use steel S136, it is a vacuum heat treatment steel, the hardness is 42-48 degree after heat treatment, it is also stainless steel and good polish effect. Refrigerator parts required high precise assembling dimension, We use high precise tooling machine for refrigerator mould, such as Fidia CNC tooling machine from Italy,Sodick wire cutting and EDM machine from Japan.


Plastic refrigerator mould


Since we have strongly working team,seriously quality checking department,high precise tooling machine,We are your best choose of plastic refrigerator mould supplier,plastic refrigerator mould supplies,plastic refrigerator mould making,plastic refrigerator mould maker,plastic refrigerator mould service.

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