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We manufacture different kind soap box mold. We can provide plastic design for soap box, mold design for soap box. If you have sample, just leave us the sample, we will make the mold according to the sample. And will send you the final sample after testing for your confirmation.

Why choose our company for sop box mould?

-We have a top design department in Taizhou city. The designers we employed from different province with much experienced in plastic molding area. They will have the experience for choosing the best way of cooling, best way for adding slide on the mold structure. And good design can make the mold with longer mold life and get you cheaper cost in mold price.

-We have top quality and top precision tooling machines. For example 5 axis cnc machining, we have two 5axis cnc machine. One is from Italy with brand Fydia Another one is also Fydia. Our precision tooling workshop with steady temperature to guarantee the steel without expand or shrink due to the weather. In this way, the tooling will be more precision.

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