Precautions for safe operation of four-column hydraulic press

Today, the editor of Yihui will introduce to you the precautions for the safe operation and use of the four-column Hydraulic Press.

  • 1. Under the precondition of not knowing the structure and working performance of the hydraulic machine and the operating specifications, the machine and equipment should not be operated without authorization.
  • 2. The grounding of the electrical equipment of the hydraulic press must be firm and reliable, and the grounding must not be connected to the electrical box by mistake.
  • 3. The fast single-column hydraulic press must not be overloaded or used beyond the maximum eccentricity.
  • 4. When the machine finds serious oil leakage or other abnormalities (unreliable action, loud noise, vibration, etc.), it should stop immediately, analyze the cause, try to eliminate it, and never allow it to be put into production with illness.
  • 5. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke operation of the slider, and the closing height of the Mold shall not be less than 600mm.
  • 6. The hydraulic press should not be overhauled or adjusted during the working process. The maintenance of the equipment during operation is very dangerous.
  • 7. At the end of the work day, the slider should be placed at the lowest position.

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