Process standard for precision CNC machining parts

No matter what we do, we need a standard so that we can get things done, especially when it comes to precision parts processing. on the lathe, the shape and size of the blank are changed by the rotary motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool, and it is processed to meet the requirements of the drawings.Ordinary machine tools are increasingly difficult to meet the needs of machining fine parts. Together, the price of cnc machine tools is declining because of the improvement in production levels. 
CNC fine parts are mainly processed by ultra-fine turning, mirror grinding and grinding.The first condition for CNC fine part machining is the accuracy of its process reference. 
The benchmarks on the mechanical drawings are indicated by capital letters A, B, C, D, etc. with a specific circled reference symbol. When the surface of the reference mark is aligned with the extension line of the face or the dimension limit of the face, it is indicated that the face is based on the face. 
When the reference symbol is aligned with the scale line, it is based on the physical centerline indicated by the scale. The precision of the process mentioned above is a more abstract point.
Mounting reference refers to the accuracy of the part used to determine the orientation of a part in a part or product. The measurement reference refers to the specification of the scale and orientation used to measure the appearance of the part when it is inspected. Positioning reference refers to the reference used to position a workpiece in a machine or tool during machining. The process benchmark for CNC fine part machining is the condition for ensuring the production of high quality parts.
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