Reasons for failure of adjustment of four-column hydraulic press and its treatment

Reasons for failure of adjustment of four-column Hydraulic Press and its treatment methods:

Because of the dirt in the oil, the min core is stuck or the saving port is blocked. The oil is very dirty, the working oil is aging, and the oil is not precision filtered. In this way, the contaminated oil passes through the economizer valve, and the contaminated particles are wedged in the gap between the valve core and the valve body hole, presenting the same economizing failure phenomenon as above.

Treatment method: When the oil is not clean, it is necessary to adopt the method of changing the oil and strengthening the filtration.

The four-column hydraulic press saves that the valve core is stuck due to burrs or the burrs on the tip of the sinking groove of the valve body and the chamfers of the valve core are stuck. The spring force cannot overcome the clamping force of the spool, and cannot make the spool move up with the adjusting rod. When the spool is stuck in the position of the closed valve port, there is no flow output and the fulfilling element does not operate; when the spool of a 630-ton hydraulic machine is stuck in a certain opening position, as long as the flow is out, the fulfilling element only needs a certain speed.

Treatment method: Use nylon brush and other deburring methods to remove the burrs in the valve hole, and the burrs on the valve core can be removed by intensive repair methods such as oilstone.

Due to the poor shape and position of the valve core and valve hole, such as out-of-round and taper, hydraulic clamping is formed, which leads to failure of economical adjustment. At present, there is no pressure equalizing groove on the spool of the second-type saving valve, which simply causes hydraulic clamping.

Solution: If the valve hole is out of round or the cooperation gap is too small, the valve hole can be ground to correct it, or the Lang core can be reconfigured.

Because the gap between the valve core and the valve body hole is too small or too large, the core is stuck or leaks large, which leads to the failure of the saving effect.

Treatment method: The valve core is finely roughened and can be polished and reused. For severe strains, you can first use a centerless grinding to remove the scars, and then electroplating to correct them.

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