Regarding lubricating oil base oil, it will be required to develop in the direction of high-grade and multi-grade oil

The quality of lubricating base oil needs to be improved. At present, only Daqing crude oil is used in China to produce high-viscosity index base oils using the third set of processes. However, Shengli crude oil, Liaohe crude oil and Xinjiang crude oil cannot produce qualified high-viscosity crude oil by traditional techniques. Index base oils. Crude oils processed by several companies such as Jingmen and Jinan are all intermediate bases or close to intermediate bases. The viscosity index of base oils produced by traditional processes cannot meet the requirements of high viscosity index. The quality of base oils in China is compared with that of foreign companies. There is a big gap, which is one of the reasons why the high-end lubricant market is gradually occupied by foreign companies’ products.

After 2000, China’s lubricating oil market will be dominated by SE/SF and CC/CD. It is estimated that by 2005, SE/SF grade or above will account for 80%, and diesel engine oil above CD grade will account for 70%. China’s future lubricant base The development trend of oil will inevitably require the development of high-grade and multi-grade oil, and the use of hydrogenation technology to produce base oil must be a development direction.

The specific process used to produce the base oil, whether it is a three-stage full hydrogenation process or a combined process of solvent refining-hydrotreating, solvent dewaxing-hydrorefining, should be based on different raw material properties and product requirements and the original refinery. Some solvent refining and solvent dewaxing conditions are adapted to local conditions and a reasonable process is determined, so that high-grade base oils can be obtained with less investment.

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