Regarding the casting method, whether to choose resin sand equipment?

  • 1 The appearance method should be suitable for factory conditions.For example, it also produces large-scale machine tool bed and other castings. Usually, the core assembly method is used instead of the appearance and the sand box, and the core is assembled in the pit; while other factories use the sand box appearance method to make the appearance. Different companies have different production conditions (including equipment, locations, staff quality, etc.), production habits, and accumulated experiences. Based on these conditions, think about what products are suitable and what is inappropriate (or cannot).
  • 2 The casting method should be compatible with the production batch. Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are only suitable for mass production due to the expensive equipment and molds.
  • 3 Sand casting is preferred. The primary reason is that sand casting is cheaper than other casting methods, the production process is simple, and the production cycle is short. When the wet type cannot meet the requirements, consider using the clay sand surface dry sand type, dry sand type or other sand types. The weight of castings from clay green sand can range from a few kilograms to tens of kilograms, while the castings produced by dry clay can weigh dozens of tons.

The most commonly used casting method is sand casting, followed by special casting methods. The precision requirements and costs of castings must be coordinated. Such as: metal casting, investment casting, plaster casting…etc. And sand casting can be divided into clay sand, organic binder sand, resin self-hardening sand, lost foam, resin sand equipment and so on.

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