Restaurantware Bulk And Wholesale Products: Silicone Ice Cube Molds

As most importers know, China supplier has a price advantage and complete product range. And because of that, China is one of the most important supplier in the world.Wei Shun silicone Technology Co. Ltd is a silicone material products manufacture in southern China. We provide home and garden tools such as kitchen cookwares, oven bakeware, goods use in refrigerator and so on.What kind of products can you find in our online shopping website?Can you buy restaurant use products in our shop?Are you in need of silicone ice cube molds?Silicone ice cube molds for making ice blocks wholesale. 1. Restaurantware Bulk Products: Honeycomb Shape Ice Cube Tray
If you want to make some ice cube in special shape, this ice cube molds with lid is a good choice for you. Our silicone ice tray with lids can make special honeycombing ice cube. 2. Soft Silicone Ice Slabs For Making Mini Square Ice CubeThis ice cube mold can make many small size ice blocks at once time. Besides, made from silicone, it is very soft. So the ice cube can be easily remove from the mold. What's more, with a smooth surface, this mold is easy to clean.
Want to order or custom silicone ice cube molds, welcome to contact us.

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