Selection principle of protective cover for CNC lathe

At present, the protection device of the CNC lathe is called the universal protection cover of the CNC lathe. The protection cover of the lathe is widely used and has good performance. The protection device is indispensable when using the protection cover of the lathe. The protection device of the protection cover of the lathe is mainly It is a part of the lathe design used to isolate the human body from dangerous parts and moving objects. Reliable protective devices should be installed on the mechanical rotating parts.
1. Types and selection of protective covers for CNC lathes Generally can be divided into organ protective covers and steel protective covers. The organ-style protective cover is a protective cover formed by nylon cloth or three-proof cloth after high-frequency heat sealing. There is a polyvinyl chloride sheet as a support. It has light weight, good elasticity, no deformation under pressure, and a large compression ratio, up to 10/1.
2. The safety of man-machine system is in the first place. The protective cover of CNC lathe is not only a device to protect the guide rail of the lathe, but also a protective cover to protect personal safety. Prevent people from entering the hazardous area.
3. The design concept of the protective cover of CNC lathes. The design of the protective cover should follow the concept of safety protection: the personal safety of the operator must be considered, and the safety protection device must meet the corresponding safety requirements to ensure sufficient strength within the specified period of use , Stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance. It is necessary to ensure that the protective cover itself has sufficient safety and reliability. In addition, in the design of the protective device of the CNC lathe, it is necessary to consider the possible dangerous conditions, such as misoperation, emergencies and other special circumstances, to ensure personal safety.

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