Sell good-qualtiy armchair, kids chair mould


Chair is indispensible furniture in everyday life. Modern chair has many different types, from shape to material, to moulding technology.
Sino mould offers moulds for armchair, side chair, children chair, bi-injection chair and gas-aided chair.

Often, customers would like to have several interchangeable back plates and seat plates. With the same mould, and for example 3 back plates and 2 seat plates, and produce 4 colors, the customer could produce 24 different appearance chairs.

We offer chair mould with automatic drop. Also, robot could help to pick the chair and it is more convenient. For automatic drop needs to uplift the injection machine.
For customers needing a whole production line, we can help design the production line, offer equipmen, installation, and training. Equipment includes: chair mould, injection machine and auxiliary machines.
Gas-aided chair usually has a modern appearance with special meterial. Because the processing of gas-aided chair mould is high technical and the structure complex, the price is much higher than normal chair moulds.
If you have chair project, please come to Pastic mould.

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