Signal chain and MCU take various measures, Chipsea’s first automotive electronics project successfully passed the AEC-Q100 authoritative certification

A few days ago, Chipsea Technology (688595) revealed on its official Weibo that the company’s first automotive electronics project CSA37F62-LQFP48 successfully passed the AEC-Q100 authoritative certification.

Chipsea has passed the certification this time as a high-performance signal chain MCU chip, which contains a high-performance MCU core, an amplifier and a high-precision ADC, and supports a variety of communication interfaces. The company’s products can be applied to various pressure measurements, such as button pressure, seat pressure, etc., to enhance the technological sense and user experience of the cockpit.

Signal chain and MCU take multiple measures

Founded in 2003, Chipsea Technology focuses on high-precision ADCs, high-performance MCUs, measurement algorithms and one-stop solutions for the Internet of Things. It is a full-signal chain chip design enterprise integrating perception, computing and control. The company’s main products are widely used in smart health, pressure touch, smart home perception, industrial measurement, general-purpose microcontrollers and other fields.

From 2003 to 2009, Chipsea designed and developed high-precision ADC chips and SoC chips mainly used in weight scales, commercial and industrial measurement fields with high-precision ADC technology and 8-bit MCU core with independent intellectual property rights as the core. From 2010 to 2015, based on the 8-bit MCU core developed in the previous stage, Chipsea Technology enhanced its reliability, developed various peripherals and various general-purpose MCU products, and expanded MCU application scenarios to mobile power supplies, small household appliances, and consumer electronics. Wait.

From 2016 to 2019, the company integrated the existing high-precision ADC technology and high-reliability MCU technology and newly developed various wireless application technologies into intelligent hardware solution technology, and designed and developed corresponding chips and solutions for intelligent IoT products. And applied to smart health measurement, smart phone, smart home and other fields. Since 2020, Chipsea plans to integrate high-precision measurement technology, AI algorithm technology, and wireless application technology to help customers realize that future hardware products become more intelligent.

The domestic substitute import market is huge

Chipsea’s main ADC is an analog/digital converter. Its main function is to convert analog signals in nature into digital signals, such as converting temperature, pressure, sound or images into digital forms for transmission that are easier to store and process.

Chipsea’s CS1242 product has an accuracy of up to 24 bits and an effective number of 21 bits, which can meet the requirements of high-precision ADCs in domestic high-end application scenarios, and has been gradually applied.

In 2011, the company launched a 24-bit high-precision ADC chip CS1232, with an effective number of 23.5 bits, a differential input impedance of up to 5GΩ, and a gain error temperature drift as low as 0.5ppm/°C. Currently, it is at the leading domestic and international advanced level and can be widely used. It is used in the fields of human body composition analysis equipment, temperature and humidity measurement, electric meter measurement, medical testing equipment, pressure touch, geological exploration and other fields.

Previously, most equipment manufacturers in my country could only choose ADC products from well-known foreign manufacturers such as TI and ADI due to performance, quality and other considerations. Since the Huawei incident, domestic equipment manufacturers have gradually begun to purchase domestic chips. Chipsea With the advantages of high-precision ADC technology, the technology is expected to fully benefit from the domestic substitution trend dividend in the future.

In the field of fast power charging, Chipsea surpasses foreign competitors in terms of integration and ease of use in high-reliability MCUs. Since 2008, the company has been developing an 8-bit MCU core with completely independent intellectual property rights and launched the SoC chip CSU1200 including a high-precision MCU. In 2010, the company launched the first 8-bit general-purpose MCU chip. Compared with comparable products of ST or Cypress, the company’s 32-bit MCUCS32G020 has higher integration, more comprehensive protocols, higher ease of use, and lower cost.

As early as 2014, Chipsea Technology launched the first MCU chip dedicated to mobile power supply in China, and in 2018, it launched the first 32-bit MCU chip with built-in USB3.0PD fast charging protocol in China. At this stage, Chipsea’s CS32G020/021 series chips are basically at the same level as foreign competitors Cypress and ST’s comparable chips in terms of core, storage, IO number, ADC and other performance indicators.

With the accumulation and rich experience in low-speed and high-precision ADC technology and high-reliability MCU technology, Chipsea Technology has mastered the full signal chain chip design technology, and developed smart IC + smart algorithm, cloud platform, artificial intelligence, and big data. It has established close cooperation with well-known end customers such as vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Midea, Haier, Xiangshan Weighing Apparatus, and Lexin Medical. With the continuous acceleration of the domestic substitution process, Chipsea’s future performance is worthy of market expectations.

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