silicone face mask with filter

 Advantages of silicone face mask with filter

Soft facepiece makes a great fit and seals to your face, which blocks particles intrusion via mask surrounding area.
Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the mask pressure on your face, and make a good seal.
Exchangeable filter option will let you pick and choose the right filter and replace the filter when its due. Saves you a lot of money since you only need to order replacement filter from now on.
Exhale vale will help for better performance, heat reduction, and faster exit of your exhale.

How to install silicone face mask with filter?

step1 install filter element,open the filter cover,put the filter element in the middle,and close the filter cover

step2 install the silicone body the installed filter element in the mask.

step3 installing a head-monutedlan-yard just string the lanyard from the back of the filter box into the
lanyard holes on both sides of the filter box.

step3 suggested wearing metheod adjust according to your face shape to make it comfortable and optimal


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