Silicone Sponge Dishes Used In Kitchenware

silicone Sponge Dishes Used In Kitchenware

Silicone sponge dishes can be used to clean all kitchen utensils, glassware, fruits, etc. It can also be used as a silica gel coaster, which is widely used and cost-effective.

Silicone sponge dishes has strong cleaning ability, unique design, thousands of dense silica gel bristles on both sides, which can be easily cleaned without damaging fruits and vegetables.

This silicone sponge dishes won't stick to oil! No matter how much oil is washed, as long as the sponge is washed with water, the oil will be washed away immediately. The top end of the sponge has a hook on which it is hung and ventilated for quick drying.

The silicone sponge dishes can resist boiling water of 100 degrees and will not deform at high temperatures. It can also be used as an insulation pad to help you pick up hot dishes.

This silicone sponge dishes doesn't absorb water. Easy to clean and preserve.

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