Skilled driving skills can effectively reduce tire wear

The driving method of a car has a lot to do with tire wear. Good and skilled driving skills can effectively reduce tire wear, extend the service life of tires, and improve driving safety.
1. Do not start too hard to avoid acceleration of tread wear due to the drag of the tires and the ground; 2. When the vehicle goes downhill, you should control the appropriate speed according to the size, length and road conditions of the slope, so as to avoid or use less emergency braking To reduce tire wear;
3. Vehicle turning should be decelerated appropriately according to the conditions of the curve and the turning radius, so as not to accelerate unilateral tire wear due to inertial force and centrifugal force;
Fourth, when driving on uneven roads, one must choose the road surface to reduce the collision between the tire and the road surface to avoid damage to the parts and tires, and the other is to slow down to avoid tire bumps and strong vibration;
5. When turning, overtaking, passing through intersections, narrow roads, railway crossings, etc., you should master the appropriate speed and pay attention to the road surface, pedestrians, and vehicle dynamics, prepare for braking, reduce frequent braking, and avoid emergencies Braking, thereby reducing tire wear;
6. When driving in the highway maintenance and construction section, use the method of low speed and slow driving to choose the road to pass, so as to avoid excessive impact on the tires, or even stab or scratches;
7. Passing through muddy areas, you should choose a relatively solid and non-slip place to pass, so as to prevent tires from sinking, idling in place, and severe vibrations causing serious cuts and scratches on the tires and sidewalls; 8. Vehicles stopping and stopping during driving , Should develop the habit of sliding safely.

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