Sony announces its withdrawal from MWC, but will continue to release new products

LG and Ericsson have withdrawn from MWC 2020 due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. Samsung is reviewing the situation to make a final decision, and has decided to reduce participation in the event. Now, another company has joined the list, and Sony has just issued a notice that the coronavirus outbreak is the main reason for withdrawing from MWC 2020.

Sony has confirmed that the company will not be attending MWC 2020. However, Sony plans to continue to launch new products, and will hold an online launch live event at 8:30 am (CET) on February 24, 2020, with video sharing on the Xperia YouTube official channel.

With Sony pulling out of the event, the odds of other manufacturers attending MWC 2020 are grim. The novel coronavirus has affected Spain and has spread to other countries and regions.

According to previous leaks, Sony is expected to release new machines such as Xperia 5 Plus and Xperia 3 this time. It is the successor of the Xperia 1, equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor and 4K HDR OLED, and supports 5G networks.

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