Specific precautions for CNC lathe processing safety

CNC machined Parts refer to the individual parts that cannot be disassembled in the machine. 
They are the basic components of the machine and the basic unit in the manufacturing process of the machine. The manufacturing process generally does not require an assembly process. Such as bushings, bushes, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rod bodies, connecting rod heads, etc. Non-standard parts are simply parts without a certain standard. Making custom parts is easier than making standard parts. And not so complicated. Everyone knows that improper operation will cause certain harm to the operator in the processing of CNC lathes, so we must strictly observe the operating rules to ensure safety when using CNC lathes for non-standard parts. as follows:
1. First of all, before the non-standard parts are processed, you must do the preparatory work, carefully check whether your clothing meets the requirements of the work, and you must strictly observe it.
2. Check whether the equipment meets the normal working standards and whether the voltage of the CNC lathe is stable. The socket must be a triangular socket and the line must also have a ground wire. Before the formal operation, the CNC lathe should be run dry. Only in abnormal circumstances can the boot operation.
3. If there is an abnormality while the CNC lathe is running, it must be checked and rectified after the machine has completely stopped working.
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