stackable crate mould

Do you want to purchase stackable plastic crate mould? Come to Sino. We are professional plastic stackable crate mould maker in China. We offer you high quality stackable crate mold, and best stackable crate molding service. We have the confidence to make you satisfied.



As a professional plastic stackable crate mould supplier, we can produce both folding crate moulds and standard crate moulds form 1cavity to 4 cavities. We can produce plastic industrial crate, the crate size can reach to 1000mm*1000mm*80mm.

Our crate moulds meet European market demand, best cooling system with easy flow and recycle material filter design, long life time and flash adjustable crate mould feature.


If you want various crate types moulds at best price and short delivery time, come to Sino. We offer you turnkey stackable crate mould solution.


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