Studer Engineer Wins World Skills Competition in Shizuoka, Japan

Adrian Trachsel, a 22-year-old mechatronic engineer with Fritz Studer AG, was awarded a gold medal at the World Skills competition held in mid-November in Shizuoka, Japan. Trachsel and his team partner, Ciril Stefanini from MSW Winterthur, received the highest award in the category mechatronics (automation), outperforming 25 other teams.

The medal-winning Studer employee, who has completed his training at the company, deals with assembly, commissioning, quality assurance, and final testing of Studer CNC cylindrical grinding machines.

Trachsel gave credit to Studer, saying that “taking part in the world championship would not have been possible without my employer’s generous support.” Studer attaches great importance to the training and further education of its employees, and, with more than 60 apprentices, is one of the largest training providers in the country.

Trachsel and Stefanini qualified as Swiss champions for this 39th World Skills competition at the end of 2006. In their category at World Skills International 2007 in Japan, the team competed for four intensive days. They had to assemble eight modular orders into a single system with the help of plans and documents. Not only did they prevail over 12 teams from Europe, 7 from Asia, 4 from America, and 2 from Africa, but they additionally achieved the third-highest score of all participants in the competition and won another gold medal for “Best of Nation,” an award that honours the best performance by a gold medal–winning team from a particular country.

The Swiss competitors in Shizuoka were supported by the trade association Swissmem and the Swisscompetence foundation as well as by their employers. The foundation coordinates the Swiss championships and participation in World Skills Competition, but prepares the young contestants in seminars and camps.

The 40 Swiss participants in the 2007 World Skills competition won a total of four gold, five silver, and four bronze medals, along with 16 diplomas. In third position after Korea and Brazil in the national ranking, Switzerland remains Europe’s number one competitor. More than 830 competitors from almost 50 countries competed in 47 skills at World Skills International 2007.

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