Talking about the Causes of Cracks in Automobile Gearboxes

Automobile gears will inevitably be worn during use, and cracks will occur over time. At this time, they cannot be repaired manually, but should be repaired with reference to professional gear technology. The professional gear repair process consists of ten parts, including: picking, polishing, surface cleaning, phosphating surface, sintering alloy powder, deposition welding repair, welding layer grinding, straightening, polishing, and acceptance. Its operation technology is comparable to gear production technology in terms of precision requirements.

Gearbox crack repair has always been a difficult problem in motor repair. The reasons include the following: first, design and production reasons; second, random momentum impact from the outside; third, the engine is running at a non-uniform speed, and the wind pressure is inconsistent causing cracks.

Traditional repair methods include:

  • One is to ensure 500 hours of normal use, and ordinary welding rod repair welding technology can be used;
  • The second is to ensure 700 hours of normal use, and a combination of reinforcing ribs and ordinary welding rods can be used for repair welding;
  • Third, it is guaranteed to be used for 4,000 hours, and ordinary welding rod and sleeper combination method can be used;
  • Fourth, repair welding of high-strength steel is not very effective, but it is easy to cause uneven strength, causing new cracks to appear around it. The result is cracks while welding. It is not recommended for the repair of high-precision and expensive cars. At present, a new method adopts welding spring rubber seat to reduce the impact of vibration.

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