Talking about the common sense of winter car tire maintenance

Car tires are a very important part of the car, because they are exposed to the outside of the car for a long time and are parts of the car that are in contact with the ground, and their working environment is relatively harsh. It is the cold winter season, and tires need our care and maintenance at this time. However, in winter tire maintenance, many car owners simply don’t know how to do it. In order to help you solve problems and ensure driving safety, the following editor will introduce common sense of car tire maintenance.

Tyre maintenance common sense:

Develop good driving habits: In order to ensure that we avoid accidents while driving, our car owners should avoid fast start, emergency braking or sharp turns; avoid hitting the road calculus; avoid riding on the road calculus when parking; avoid Quickly pass unpaved roads and roads with different sections.

Check tire pressure frequently: Under normal circumstances, our car owners have to check the pressure of all tires including the tire (spare tire) at least once a month; and the best thing is to check the tire pressure before and after each long-distance driving.

Tire rotation has many benefits: For safety, we need to change the tire position every 20,000 kilometers to make the tire fatigue uniform, prevent uneven wear, and extend the service life of the tire.

Tire dynamic balance: When the vehicle body shakes or the steering wheel shakes during driving, please go to a special store for inspection; after the vehicle has walked on a bad road, please go to a special store for inspection; when the vehicle is replaced or shifted, the tire dynamic balance must be checked.

Four-wheel positioning: Because we often change the positioning of the tires due to road conditions during our journey, which affects the tire driving, experts recommend that we check the tire positioning every 20,000 kilometers.

Warm reminder: In order to ensure our driving safety, our car owners should replace the car tires regularly. Generally speaking, if the tire groove depth is less than 1.6 mm, for safety reasons, we should replace the new tires.

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