TE Connectivity Expands Robust Connector Portfolio to Meet the Reliability Needs of Complex Vehicles

June 15, 2021 – Today’s complex vehicles are equipped with an unprecedented number of connectors, presenting a higher risk of failure as damage to seals on a single connector can cause the entire system to fail. To meet the reliability needs of customers operating commercial vehicle applications in harsh environments, TE Connectivity (TE), a global leader in connectivity and sensors, has expanded its robust portfolio of industrial and commercial transportation (ICT) connectors to incorporate DT- The XT sealed connector system is incorporated.

The DT-XT sealed connector system utilizes innovative high performance sealing technology. Advanced sealing materials and covalent bonding improve flexibility, providing higher tear strength and better seal positioning for the ICT market. In addition, the rear sealing cover can more effectively prevent the product from entering the water and protect the wire from working properly. These connectors are robustly designed to work with current industry standard tools without the need for costly redesigns. DT-XT connectors are IP69K rated and pass the J2030 high pressure washdown test.

“Providing our customers with long-lasting, reliable products is a priority for us,” said Ryan Wu, Product Manager at TE Connectivity. “The DT-XT connector is the latest addition to the DT series in our DEUSTCH connector portfolio, providing customers with long-lasting, robust and reliable connector solutions while reducing costs and saving assembly time. “

The DT-XT sealed connector system also features a secure connection as the connector housing has an integrated snap to provide a secure mating and electrical connection in the vehicle. The ribbed surface design on the finger presses on the buckle makes it easier to connect, disconnect and release even if your fingers are wet, dirty or greasy. The DT-XT crimp terminal series reduces insertion and extraction forces.

TE offers the DT-XT Sealed Connection System in a variety of colors and a variety of customization options for enhanced error proofing without the need for wire marking.

TE Connectivity Expands Robust Connector Portfolio to Meet the Reliability Needs of Complex Vehicles

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