The advantage of medical silicone tube

With each countries on food security and health care is becoming more and more attention, especially for the silicone products related to the human body, food, medical made stringent requirements.There are some the advantage of medical silicone tube .
1.Medical silicone tube can be a curing rapid prototyping, sulfide production process speed, intermolecular crosslinking fully, no low molecular exhalation, no smell, no secondary sulfide, improves the production efficiency, saves the production cost.
2. After the product transparency high, high level of health, with the advantages of environmental protection, efficient tasteless 
3. Food, medical level is high, can easily compaly with the FDA, LMBG, German LFGB food grade certification and strictly tested
4. Medical silica gel tube, transparency is very good, because the vulcanizing agent A/B are transparent paste.
5. In the field of medical treatment, medical grade silicone tube group won’t produce harm to human body, after the value into the human tissue does not cause a foreign body reaction, the surrounding tissue inflammation not
 6. Mechanical properties improve: due to the use of platinum addition reaction of vulcanized silicone rubber, is different from the original polycondensation reaction, combined with the better of the silicone rubber, silicone tube to the tensile strength, tearing strength, low shrinkage rate, greatly improve the resilience.

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