The cause of the knife failure in the CNC machining center

The cnc machining center of CNC machining center has high processing precision, good dimensional stability, low labor intensity and convenient modern management. However, due to improper operation or programming errors, it is easy to cause the tool or the tool holder to hit the workpiece or the machine. The machining accuracy of the machine tool is lost, and even personal accidents are caused. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining accuracy, the tool must not be collided with the machine or workpiece in the use of cnc machine tools.
    Since the CNC machining center is locked by software, when the automatic operation button is pressed during simulation processing, it is not intuitive to see whether the machine is locked or not. There is often no tool setting during the simulation. If the machine is not locked, it is easy to hit the knife. Therefore, before the simulation processing, you should go to the operation interface to confirm whether the machine is locked. Forgot to turn off the dry run switch during machining. Since the program is simulated, the dry run switch is often turned on to save time. Dry running means that all motion axes of the machine are running at G00. If the running time switch is not closed during machining, the machine ignores the given feedrate and runs at G00, causing a knife or machine crash. There is no reference point after the dry run simulation. When the program is verified, the machine tool is locked, and the tool is machined in the simulation operation (absolute coordinates and relative coordinates are changing). At this time, the coordinates do not match the actual position. The method of returning the reference point must be used to ensure the machine. The zero coordinate is consistent with the absolute and relative coordinates. If the machining operation is performed without finding a problem after the calibration procedure, the tool will collide. The direction of the overtravel is not correct.
      CNC machining center CNC machine tools as high-precision machine tools, anti-collision is very necessary, requiring operators to develop a careful and careful habit, operate the machine in the correct way, reduce the occurrence of machine tool collision. With the development of CNC machining technology, advanced technologies such as tool damage detection, machine tool anti-collision detection, and machine tool adaptive processing have emerged.
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