The quality of auto parts must be guaranteed to be the best


China’s imported auto repair parts market currently has some illusions that conceal the market size. When we eliminate these illusions, the real imported auto repair parts market will be in front of us. It is our important task to regulate the market and guide enterprises in accordance with the true colors of the market and following the laws of the market. On the whole, it should be confirmed that China’s automobile industry is backward, and the quality of both the whole vehicle and the parts is not high. It will take a lot of time to catch up with the advanced countries, and we should look forward to it. But you can’t blindly believe in imported goods based on this. As we all know, in recent years, we have introduced many advanced technologies and produced many high-quality automotive products, some of which are close to the world’s advanced level, and there are still many leading factories in the automotive industry. It can be said that to a certain extent, we have narrowed the gap with the advanced level within a certain range. Some of our own products are exported with neutral packaging and imported with foreign packaging. Users who do not know the truth think that the quality of these “imports” is just Better than domestic ones. Therefore, the competent departments and the production and supply departments should strengthen publicity, and the relevant parties should also adopt certain trade protection measures to restrict imports.

The quality requirements of auto repair parts are not the same as those of supporting products. The production of a high-quality car requires all the components and parts to be of high quality. However, the quality requirements of the maintenance parts that are replaced by the car in operation are another matter. When we talk about quality, we usually mean that the appearance is relatively neat and the service life is longer when the installation size is the same. These departments form a complete chain link to ensure that imported cars give full play to their due functions. Let’s tentatively call this complete link composed of relevant departments the import automobile functional guarantee chain. The central link of this functional chain is the user department.

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